Financial Literacy

In 2015, the Penn State Commission for Adult Learners sponsored the creation of a financial literacy website to promote financial literacy knowledge to students, parents, stakeholders and the Penn State community. The Penn State financial literacy website went live in May 2015 at

The website hosts all the recorded and archived workshops and webinars that were previously developed under MoneyCounts: A Financial Literacy Series, and provides connection to the Student Financial Education Center to promote the peer-to-peer program at Penn State.

At the same time, a departmental email of was granted for the website and for office use to facilitate communication with users. Google Analytics was added to the site to monitor visitors and extract relevant information. In the first 2 weeks of the site going live, 1,849 visitors viewed the page with the highest percentage of 35.5% of visitors’ ages between 25 and 34. Even though the website offers a wealth of information and resources on financial literacy, a plan to create self-study modules is under construction to provide a value- add interactive site for users, specifically online learners, to sharpen their financial literacy skills and knowledge at their own pace.

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